"Litter is a significant problem in Arlington County, polluting our parks and streams, posing a threat to wildlife, and reducing the pleasure of our natural spaces. Removing litter mproves the overall quality of life for all of Arlington's residents. So it is much appreciated when volunteers, like JBG employees, participate in direct service projects to clean-up and improve the watershed and open spaces of Arlington County." — Jenn Truong, Program Manage Arlingtonians for a Clean Environment

"To borrow a phrase, JBG volunteers epitomize the change we need in this world.  Their efforts at A Wider Circle were an inspiration to every staff member.  The employees who came - in every volunteer group that came - all took a sincere interest not only in our work but in the lives of those whom they helped us to serve.  The amount of work they did each day was impressive.  As much as I may try here, there are no words to express how it feels when a group of JBG employees comes to volunteer for a day" — Mark Bergel, Ph.D., Founder, Executive Director A Wider Circle

“With the outstanding support of volunteers from JBG, Everybody Wins! DC is able to continue making a difference in the lives of low-income children in the Washington Metropolitan Area. Employees of JBG serve as Reading Mentors in our Power Lunch program at Marie Reed Elementary, which links eager young minds with caring professionals, who give an hour of their time each week to read and talk with children during the lunch hour. As Reading Mentors, they help our students academically, as well as socially, by creating a mutually enriching one-on-one relationship built around the joy of reading! This year, Everybody Wins! DC will be serving 4,500 low-income elementary school age children at 40 Title 1 schools. It is with the extraordinary support of socially responsible companies like JBG, that we can expand our reach to serve more students in need each year.” — Mary Salander, Executive Director Everybody Wins! DC

"Food & Friends depends on the generosity of The JBG Companies to fulfill our promise that we will be there for our clients with a smile and a nutritious meal. The many JBG volunteers who help out at Food & Friends demonstrate the company's core value of volunteerism and thanks to their priceless investment, thousands of our neighbors have the nutrition needed to fight illness. Food & Friends is proud to be a recipient of The JBG Companies' generosity and looks forward to our continued partnership in making the community a healthier place to live." — Christopher Copley, Communications Manager Food & Friends

"The volunteer work at Gault Place isn't quite your straightforward, nails and hammer building. The Passive House, green building model can be confusing and tough work, but the two JBG teams were definitely up for the challenge. Not only did they quickly learn their tasks, but executed them well and had a great time doing so! We certainly appreciate the focus and hard work that the JBG volunteers did for DC Habitat." — Jenna Widman, Volunteer Services Supervisor Habitat for Humnaity of Washington, DC

"Our Extreme Cleanup is conducted as part of the annual Potomac River Watershed Cleanup Day organized by the Alice Ferguson Foundation, which has been at it for 24 years.  This is our fourth Extreme Cleanup, and having partners like The JBG Companies participate and support our effort is invaluable to the work we do and the success of the event." — Beth Mullin, Executive Director Rock Creek Conservancy

"JBG's financial and volunteer support has repaired not only a home, but also the lives of the people within the home.  Now that the family has a home that is safe, accessible and comfortable, they can focus on their mother's recovery from Cancer, their daughter's college education, and can stay in their neighborhood in which they have built a community.  We thank you so very much." — Kendra Rubinfield, Director of Programming Yachad DC

At JBG, they embody what it means to “Do well while doing good!” Year Up provides a yearlong training program that provides 18 college credits, an educational stipend, six months of on-site corporate and technical training followed by a six month internship with many of the nation’s top employers. The young men and women in our program, aged 18-24, will gain the education and skills necessary to reach economic self-sufficiency. With the volunteers from The JBG Companies joining us on-site, our young professionals were able to gain much needed experience in interviewing, networking and resume development. They were also very excited to “connect” via LinkedIn to these wonderful professionals. With the support of such a wonderful group of volunteers, our students gained much needed confidence in taking the next steps in their careers and started on the path to building their professional network. Thank you JBG! Brandon Miller, Director of Corporate and Individual Engagement Year Up