Committed to Our Communities

For over 50 years, JBG has been a leader in supporting the people, organizations, and causes that preserve and enhance our shared, lived environment.

By investing our resources, expertise, and volunteer time, we seek to achieve significant and tangible impact in the following critical areas of community development — because JBG thrives when our communities thrive.  

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Affordable Housing

Invested in advancing affordable housing, JBG Cares seeks to develop strategic partnerships with organizations that focus directly on the construction and preservation of affordable housing in the Washington region. We also seek to support prominent and effective organizations that raise awareness and advocate for innovative approaches to the issue of affordable housing.

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Arts In the Community

Committed to enhancing the lived environment through our investments, JBG Cares seeks to develop strategic partnerships with organizations that educate, enrich and facilitate the cultural life of the Washington region.  We seek to not only support organizations that promote and create art but also to integrate a diverse range of public art into our projects and existing developments. We believe this will help not only educate and inspire, but also provide a showcase for local talent—all while broadening the appeal of our placemaking across the portfolio.

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Dedicated to education, JBG Cares seeks to maintain strategic partnerships with organizations that focus directly on literacy and early education in the Washington region while also maintaining consistent support for prominent and effective organizations that pursue broader education initiatives.

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Environmental Responsibility

Loyal to smart growth, JBG Cares seeks to support organizations that enhance and preserve the environment through efforts to improve and raise awareness about energy efficiency, clean water, clean air, sustainable materials and products, and preserving natural habitats.  

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Health and Well Being

Committed to healthy communities, JBG Cares seeks to support organizations whose missions are focused on nourishing veterans and other members of our communities by providing healthy food, basic needs, career development and other supports.

Not Yet Available DAYS OF GIVING

The Days of Giving is an annual effort where JBG employees receive paid time off to participate with the nonprofit of their choice. Initiated as a one-time effort coinciding with the firm's 50th anniversary, it is still going strong several years later and growing each year.  

In 2014, the program set new records for employee participation, volunteer hours and participating nonprofits.  Just over 500 employees spent 2,200 hours volunteering with 15 area nonprofits. At the conclusion of the 2015 Days of Giving, JBG employees celebrated surpassing the 10,000 volunteer hour milestone since the launch of the program.

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