JBG’s Fund investors are comprised of endowments, foundations and taxable investors. JBG executes investment strategies built on six core principles: geographic focus and control, multi-product expertise, efficient use of capital, incremental risk-taking, profit maximization and proprietary deal flow.

As JBG continues to manage its current investment fund portfolios and considers deployment of new capital, it remains committed to maintaining pricing discipline both as buyer and seller. It will adhere to its investment philosophy and strategy across cycles and markets. JBG values its investors and respects its competitors, and strives to create excellent performance results through an underwriting and execution framework that is honest and direct.


JBG’s Investment Funds partner with local development firms and owners to create mixed-use projects and build new townhomes. Since 1995, JBG has partnered with JBG Rosenfeld Retail and since 2009, it has partnered with EYA, Urban Atlantic, Eastbanc, MRP, Tritec, The Pinkard Group and ICG to develop a diverse range of projects in the Washington area. 

JBG’s joint venture investments are considerable – ranging from $2 million to $60 million – but its partnerships often go beyond the traditional investor/developer relationship. JBG taps its longstanding relationships, experience and guidance to create a unique team approach with its partners, producing stronger joint ventures.

Investment Management